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A Birthday Party

In my latest newsletter I mentioned how lovely it was to unexpectedly hear from a client I’d catered for back in 2007.

She still remembered that party as a “taste sensation” experience and wanted to hire me again, for a birthday drinks party.

Creating a menu to best suit a client’s needs is one of the things I love to do most, aside from cooking of course!  After some fun conversations discussing various possibilities, we settled on a lovely selection of savoury bites:

I sourced a side of salmon from Moxons – a wonderful fishmongers with 4 shops across London – to cure ahead of the party.  This time I combined 2 cups of Demerara sugar, 1 cup of Maldon salt, the zest of an orange and lemon, 3 crushed star anise and a few sprigs of dill and tarragon – chopped up.  After rubbing this mixture all over the salmon, I wrapped the fillet in cling film and placed it flat on a baking tray with another tray balanced on topped of the salmon with some weight on it (a few tins or a couple of wine bottles do the job nicely) and left it in the fridge for 24 hours.  Then it was just a case of rinsing it well under cold water before preparing the now delicious, cured salmon for the party.

The savoury canapés were served with an added extra – a salad of cracked wheat, sumac-roasted butternut squash, spiced aubergine, tenderstem broccoli and green beans and toasted seeds – and followed later by a couple of treats for the dessert lovers among the guests:

The waiting staff I’d organised to serve the food and top up guests’ drinks wore crisp white Nehru collared shirts and industrial aprons – a trademark of Baked Salt events!

As always, I really enjoyed helping to make this party a memorable celebration.  Here are some photos from the event:

Cured salmon2

Cured salmon on bruschetta with crème fraîche and tarragon

Beetroot patties served with a spiced yoghurt

Beetroot patties served with a spiced yoghurt

Goats curd with slow cooked shallot with cardamon

Goats curd with slow cooked shallot with cardamon


Lamb kofta with cumin and coriander seed

Walnut and mint dip

Almond, lemon zest and fresh mint dip