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A Trip To Lanzarote

Just as the weather was on the verge of changing here and there seemed to be a chill in the air, we decided to head for Lanzarote as we weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the summer and felt a change of scene was much-needed after the first (intense!) few months of running the café!

We thought Lanzarote was a good choice as it’s known for still being hot well into our winter months, but as we didn’t know much about the island we didn’t plan anything other than to go and just relax. As it turned out it took a few days to adjust, having left the café for the first time (in good hands, of course!)…

We were staying in Uga, a small village in the south of the island. It was important for us to find fresh ingredients to cook with, so we ventured to the nearest coastal town late morning and stumbled upon a small indoor fish market, just as they were closing up it seemed! We picked up some super fresh pink and black bream and few sparkling gambas, and some lovely vegetables back in our well-stocked village market.

_Landscape  _Landscape_zoomed in

It was great to know that a good supper was in the making – barbecue outside, on a warm evening with a nice breeze, accompanied by some wine from Lanzarote, which (due to the island’s wild and rural landscape, with miles of mountains, volcanic rock and dried lava) is extra special with mineral notes that would go so well with the simple fish dishes we had planned.

1a Fish

1b BBQd veg  1c Fresh salad

When the weather became overcast during the last few days, we took the opportunity to learn more about the artist/architect César Manrique who we’d read about. He had a huge passion for and influence on the island, which we could see everywhere when we explored the island. From roundabouts housing amazing wind sculptures, to contemporary art museum restaurants and viewing galleries on the highest point on the north of the island.

3a Museum bar

3b Light fitting  9b Wind sculpture

We also visited what had been César Manrique’s home – he had discovered three small volcanic bubbles with a fig tree growing out of one and from there decided to build his house round it! As we walked round the house, which was the epitome of 60s/70s styling, it felt as though he had a great sense of connection with the natural surroundings around him and he had enjoyed sharing this with friends when entertaining in his home.

N_CM home_lounge

2e Indoor seating  2c Doors

2d Tree and orange sculpture  2f Outside

2b Dining outside

It was such an amazing and inspiring space and while we were there, the broken grey skies outside – with occasional sunbeams coming through the clouds – seemed to add to the genius of the design that his creative mind had produced. I was in design heaven!