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Wintery Wishes

The annual winter wind-down is always a period of both rest and reflection for me.

A time to look back on the year’s events, to be grateful for what’s come my way and to clarify my focus for the year ahead.

Development & Discovery

And as ever, the past 12 months have been full of development and discovery – of new spaces, exciting collaborations and fresh directions.

It’s been wonderful to have the opportunity to do more food styling and recipe testing this year.

Plus I’ve been really enjoying growing my Baked Salt pop-up supper club nights – a big thanks by the way to everyone who headed down to SW9 for my most recent one in November!

Plan Ahead

I have plenty more event plans tucked up my sleeve for 2018 so be sure to keep tuned for dates and news…

And if anyone out there has an exciting new space, a great idea or a stylish home they’d like to see become a Baked Salt reality, please do get in touch – I’m really keen to keep collaborating.

New Intentions

One thing I’ve really missed this year though is having a permanent cafe space…

I can’t quite believe it’s been 12 months since I closed the doors on the little Loughborough Road cafe space and said “au revoir” to my much-loved regulars.

So… that, my friends, is definitely a big intention for me in 2018 – to find a new space where I can set up my Baked Salt shop. To make my mark on the local community once again and have a heavenly haven for my many future Baked Salt ventures.

So please do keep all eyes peeled for me and be sure to let me know if you find my future HQ.

Wintery Wishes

In the meantime though, I’m sending warm wintery well-wishes to you and your loved ones for the festive season and beyond.

Thank you all for your continued support and friendship!

A happy, healthy Christmas and New Year…

Janie x