Food Stylist

Whether it’s for a lifestyle book or a food magazine, for me – being a chef goes hand-in-hand with food styling. I care about the whole table setting: the crockery, the napkins and the colours of the food on the plate.

FOOD STYLING –¬†Every brief is different, that’s why I love it! Being a food stylist is all about finding the perfect combination of ingredients, tableware and ‘look and feel’ – working closely alongside the photographer, client and/or publisher to get it spot on.

RECIPE TESTING –¬†Depending on the brief this can include sourcing ingredients, testing the recipes and sometimes even re-writing them with a tweak or two to come up with the perfect creations.

FOOD STYLING PROPS¬†– This is the other side of the kitchen but still a part I absolutely love – hunting down that perfect platter or piece of crockery for a particular dish is an obsession I’ve had since I was young!

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