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Plant & Fish

We decided to head to Brighton one Sunday night after closing up at The Loughborough Café, to spend a couple of days by the seaside. I’ve visited Brighton many times before, and especially love being there on a windy day and that feeling of almost being blown away while walking along the seafront! But this time the idea was to go and visit a restaurant called Silo for some inspiration…


I had read about Silo a long time ago and thought it was my kind of place – ethos-wise and for its simple and stylish approach that feels effortless. This is something I like to think I stand for too, whether it’s the food I serve in the café or the dishes I prepare for outside catering events.


It was an amazing experience at the restaurant. I loved the way the menu was written, with old style images used, and the simplicity of the table settings. I might not be the biggest fan of drinking from jam jars but their desire is to up-cycle wherever possible.

SILO_Table setting

We chose two of the set menus: fish and vegetarian (or ‘plant’ as they call it).

The dishes were beautiful; leeks with mussels and Jerusalem artichoke, sage and walnut (quite rich!), cod with seaweed and Alexanders (a wild food with a delicate stem which looks a little like cow parsley and has a distinct flavour, found growing on cliff tops and seaside hedgerow) which worked so well with the fish. We finished with a sea buckthorn, honey and brown butter dessert – unusual but delicious!

SILO_Mussels and leeks



SILO_Jerusalem artichoke

I really liked the extra details such as intense juices and lightly flavoured waters, and we enjoyed a delicious wine from Kent called Davenport.

Walking away from Silo, feeling full (of food and inspiration!), we wandered around a few interiors shops…of course in one (called “Swag”) I fell in love with a vintage French 1950s leather foot stool as well as a cardigan in a vintage clothes shop which I couldn’t leave behind!

I’ve said many times that I love cooking and I love design, so a feast at Silo followed by seeing so many beautiful pieces of furniture and clothing really was a perfect Baked Salt day for me!