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Weddings, Celebrations & Gatherings

It’s always a good feeling when I’m asked to quote for an event, whether it’s a wedding, big celebration, dinner party or casual gathering of family and friends.

However, Baked Salt events are always tailored to each client’s specific needs – there isn’t a one-size-fits-all quote that I can send out, nor would I want to! So I put a lot of thought and care into all the quotes and bespoke menus I provide.

In fact, there are a surprising number of things to consider when putting together a quote; questions that often can’t be answered yet…

If the event is many months away, then decisions may not have been made in terms of exactly what’s needed food-wise. Things to consider might include: how many canapés you’d like to begin with; whether you prefer a plated starter or shared platters on the tables; if you might be needing a cheeseboard as well as dessert, and possibly offering a midnight snack?

There’s also the question of how formal / informal you would like the day or evening to feel, as this can be achieved through the choice of food and number of waiting staff. Whether it’s a sit-down meal or a drinks and canapés reception, you can be sure Baked Salt will provide an effortless service where you never feel you’re waiting to have a drink topped up but also not fussed over too much (unless you want to be!).

And when it comes to the ‘extras’ it may not be clear if the marquee company will supply tables and chairs (or if I need to arrange that) or what the exact timings for the day will be (and therefore how long the waiting staff will need to stay till). Are the flowers already taken care of, or would you like my help in organising these and other decorative pieces? At Baked Salt we take a different approach to uniquely style each event, matching the food and your home or venue’s surroundings; from the crockery we use for shared platters, to sourcing beautiful vases, twigs, green foliage and subtle, natural flowers.

Everything is possible – and I especially love helping to bring together food and design, to make an event memorable. It’s just a matter of deciding what’s needed (and the budget of course!).

So quotes can sometimes come as a bit of a shock as I try to include everything that might be needed! This means some costs could end up being removed as details are finalised. So I see the quote as a first step that will naturally evolve as we go forward and decisions are made.

If you’re starting to think about any kind of event – small or large – that you would like Baked Salt to cater, here are a few more things to consider for when we first speak…bearing in mind that things will become clearer as planning progresses:

– Will your celebration be at home or will you be hiring a venue (and what facilities will there be in terms of kitchen equipment, furniture etc.)?
– What will the timings be on the day or evening (access for setup, serving drinks and food, clearing away)?
– Would you like me to help source the wine and other drinks (I use some excellent suppliers who are local to me, in Brixton)?
– Would you like a tasting?

Lastly, if you haven’t decided where your party will be, there’s a fantastic space available to hire for events, just next door to my café!